At Solifoc we believe that it is essential that citizens be empowered themself, which is why we are firmly committed to energy decentralization and, as it cannot be otherwise, to renewable and local energies.

Our reasons

Our key is the vision of the home as a single system.

The problem

250 million years ago, the earth was uninhabitable due to high levels of CO₂. Luck, physics and absurd amounts of time have captured all this CO₂ underground in the form of “fossil fuels”, making this planet the paradise we have known until now.

Doesn't it seem absurd to release this CO₂ again?

Well yes, it is elementary, but it is happening. For some years now, both you and I can say that we began to feel the consequences around us and it seems clear that this is the beginning of the path to return to that scenario.

Well, here begins our fight to not release more CO₂ into the atmosphere and to be able to maintain the life of people, animals and plants for many more years or, in other words, make life on earth sustainable.

Our proposal

“Luckily”, most of the causes of this problem come from the way we produce and consume energy, therefore, making changes “just” at this point is a large part of the solution.

Homes and buildings consume 30% of global energy. That is why Solifoc focuses on “transforming” their energy situation, making them more autonomous with emission-free energy.

In this way we reduce dependence on external sources and ensure that energy is produced and consumed in the same place, distributing production and avoiding transportation losses.

When we understand that we are all part of the solution is when we value people and relationships, for this reason we seek to energetically empower citizens and do so with personal treatment, gradually replacing “commercial transactions” with “human relationships.”

Our solution

To obtain this self-sufficiency we integrate the photovoltaic energy systems with what already exists in the installation, making the entire system work harmoniously to get the most out of it.

The key is the vision of the home as a single system, the home itself. The union of solar energy to supply consumption, combined with efficient air conditioning systems and good management of the entire system, allows us to satisfy all energy needs in the most ecological, economical and efficient way possible.

For us, sustainability occurs when what we do has a positive impact not only economically, but also in the social and environmental sphere, which is why we put a lot of effort into finding solutions that are the meeting point between what you want, the most efficient and the one that makes the most economic sense.

What's our direction?

We have a rough future ahead of us, we are very late and a lot of work needs to be done. That is why we do not believe in competition, we are all more than necessary, both we, the installers, and you, the individual, to turn around the energy system that supplies us.

Of course, the bad news is that it is not possible to do it with the absurd levels of consumption to which we are accustomed, the solution is to decrease and calm our "standards" in a more austere scenario.

But if we all do our part, if we do what we can to change the model, we can create a new world in which every kWh consumed has been produced very nearby and with renewable energy. Where much more value is given to energy and, therefore, it is managed efficiently, effectively and used for what is really important.

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